Our company specializes in the development, testing and implementation of new technologies for oil products. The company invests in innovative development through the introduction of the latest developments  and technologies in all areas of its activities. Optimization of production processes is built on the principles of optimization, universalization and safety.

There are following production technologies in our company:

  • Filtration and drying of oils;
  • Fractionation;
  • Decanting;
  • Emulsification;
  • Blending;
  • Organic synthesis;
  • And others.

The uniqueness of the technologies lies in the reduction of the use of aggressive chemicals, the desire to switch to biodegradable materials, which greatly eases the burden on the environment, while maintaining the economic benefits of production.

The presence of developed infrastructure, joint work with research centers, long-term planning of activities, implementation of innovative projects and international cooperation — all this facilitates successful solution of these problems.

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