MDD - Group of Companies «MDD»
Producer and distributor of petrochemical products
Producer and distributor of petrochemical products

Our mission is to be the best manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for the petrochemical industry and technologies for their application

Our products
We produce and supply high quality products for the petrochemical industry and their application technologies
Group of Companies «MDD-BEL»

About company

MDD is formed out of two groups of companies (B.M. Holding Group and DGANI Group) that have been operating in the petroleum product industry from the 1970s to the modern days.

The companies have now joined their resources to establish economic operation in the Eastern and Central European regions, namely Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine and Poland.

Group of Companies «MDD-BEL»
01. Developing turnkey solutions
We both develop new solutions and adapt existing ones to the needs of each client in particular
02. Maintaining / increasing profits
Our technologies allow enterprises to improve their products without increasing production costs
03. Timely supply
MDD-BEL's logistics ensures that any product is delivered in the shortest time possible
Our partners
Uralkali ranks as one of the world’s largest potash producers
Belaruskali is a potash mineral fertilizer manufacturer
«Belorusneft» is a Belarusian state-owned petrochemical company
Naftan is a Belarusian oil refinery
Technonikol is a leading manufacturer of sustainable construction products
PhosAgro is the largest supplier of all kinds of fertilizers in the Russian markets
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