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Anti-caking agent for fertilizers

Anti-caking agent for fertilizers is a blend of mineral oil and a combination of surfactants and functional additives.

Field of application of anti-caking agent for fertilizers

Used for application to mineral fertilizer granules. It is used to prevent caking, improve flowability, reduce moisture absorption and helps to maintain the strength properties of the granular product during storage and transportation. The anti-caking agent is used in the production of complex nitrogen-phosphorus, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium and other mineral fertilizers.

Anti-caking agent for fertilizers retains its protective properties for a long period in any climatic conditions.

Typical physicochemical properties anti-caking agent for fertilizers

Parameter name Characteristics
Appearance, color Homogeneous liquid from light yellow to light brown in color
Amine number, not less than, mgKOH/g 15
Kinematic viscosity at 70 °С, mm2/s 20
Flash point, in open crucible, °С, not less than 150
Pour point, °С 48–57

Anti-caking agent for fertilizers is produced under TS BY 690656219.0192016. The composition of anti-caking agent can be modified to suit specific customer needs.

Supply form

170 kg barrel
170 kg barrel / IBC / Bulk
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