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DVCH-Management is building a new line for oil refining

Now the equipment has already been installed, commissioning is underway. The line is expected to be fully operational by September.

— This will be a unique project, which has no equal in the CIS, — emphasizes Dmitry Mogilevsky, head of the public relations department of DVCH-Management.

However, everything that happens at this enterprise is unique. Recall that at one time the Belarusian Public Association “Ecological Initiative” and FLLC “DVCH-Management”, with the financial support of the European Union, attempted to create an integrated system for the collection, processing and storage of used oil, which was not in our country before.

We observed how the pilot initiative was implemented for several years, how the enterprise was built, and attended the opening ceremony. From the very start it became clear that the project was a success. Moreover, it is recognized as the best innovative project in the CIS.

— We started working under the motto: “Recycling of used oil is clean, reasonable and competitive, — continues Dmitry Mogilevsky. — And practice has proved it. The company created a specialized tank farm and a area for the accumulation of used oil, which our managers began collecting at the construction stage of the complex. The tank farm, which is mostly underground, is unique in the industry and allows for highly efficient use and recycling due to the high level of waste and product segregation. The processing system is a complex high-tech production with a closed cycle. The plant produces a line of oil-containing products, 70% of which are import-substituting or export. These are anti-caking agents for mineral fertilizers, mineral oils, universal release agents, dust suppressants for mineral fertilizers, etc. Moreover, the cost of manufactured products is significantly lower than the cost of similar materials existing on the market, with almost the same quality.

Thanks to the work of this enterprise, our country is now carrying out the environmentally safe use of waste oils with the subsequent production of import-substituting products on their basis for various sectors of the country’s economy. Products are supplied to domestic consumers at large enterprises such as Belaruskali, Borisov Sleeper Impregnation Plant, Gomel Сhemical Plant, and are also exported to Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus and other countries.

At the same time, if we look back in history, we note that during the construction of this high-tech complex more than 20 million dollars of foreign direct investment was made. And the campaign continued to invest sequentially in development.

The commissioning of the new line will significantly improve the quality of processing, minimizing waste, and also increase the range of products.

Today, no one needs to be convinced that used oil is waste that poses a serious danger to the environment and human health. At the same time this is a valuable secondary raw material. DVCH-Management takes its next step towards the green economy.

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