Chemical industry

Oil TAD-17I (TM-5-18)

TAD-17I (TM-5-18) oil (GOST 23652-79) is a universal mineral oil. Contains multifunctional sulfur-phosphorus-containing, depressant and antifoam additives. Operable from −25 °С to 130-140 °С.

Field of application

Used for lubrication of all types of gears, including hypoid gears, cars and other mobile equipment.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Norm according to GOST (TS)
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s:
at 50 °С 110–120
at 100 °С, not less than 17,5
Viscosity index, not less than 100
Temperature, °С:
Flash point, in open crucible, not less than 200
Pour point, °С, not more than −25
Mass fraction, %:
mechanical impurities absence
water traces
phosphorus 0,1
sulfur 1,9–2,3
Plate corrosion test for 3h:
of steel and copper at 100 °С withstands
of copper at 120 °С, points, not more than 2s
Ash content, %, not more than 0,3
Foaming tendency, sm3, not more than:
at 24 °С 100
at 94 °С 50
at 24 °С after testing 94 °С 100
Lubricating properties at four-ball friction machine:
load wear index, N, not less than 568
wear index at 20 °, 1 h, and load 392 N, mm, not more than 0,40
welding load, N, not less than 3687
Color, Standard Test Method for ASTM Color, not more than 5,0
Density at 20 °С, kg/m3, not more than 907

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