Chemical industry

K-12 oil

K-12 oil (GOST 1861-73) is a compressor oil of the first classification group.

Field of application

Used for lubrication of reciprocating compressors operating under moderate conditions, compressing air and other water insoluble gases at a discharge temperature of at least 160 °C.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Norm according to GOST (TS)
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °С, mm2/s 11,0–14,0
Cokeability, %, not more than 0,3
Acid number, mg KOH/g, not more than 0,15
General oxidation stability:
mass fraction of sediment, not more than 0,25
mass fraction of ash, %, not more than 0,015
Content, % (mass fraction), not more than:
water soluble acids and alkalis absence
mechanical impurities absence
water absence
sulfur 0,4
Temperature, °С:
Flash point, in open crucible, not less than 220
Pour point, °С, not more than −25
Corrosion on steel plates according to GOST 1050-74 withstands
Density at 20 °С, kg/m3, not more than

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