Chemical industry

Axial oil 3

Axial oil 3 (GOST 610-72) is for winter use, made from low-sulfur naphthenic and naphthenic-paraffin oils. It is a combination of distillate oil fractions.

Field of application

Mainly used in winter for rolling stock of railway transport as a lubricant for axle journals of wheel sets, for lubrication of friction units and some lightly loaded gear reducers of industrial equipment.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Norm according to GOST (TS)
kinematic at 50 °С, mm2/s ≥22
dynamic at −30 °С, not more than 60
Temperature, °С:
Flash point, in open crucible, not less than 125
Pour point, °С, not more than −40
Mass fraction of sediment, %:
water soluble acids and alkalis absence
mechanical impurities, not more than 0,05
water, not more than 0,3

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