Mineral oil is a product based on regenerated used oil and restore functional additives.

Field of application of plasticizing oil

ECO-2 mineral oil is used as plasticizing oil in the production of bituminous materials, rubbers and rubber products. The introduction of mineral oil makes it possible to speed up the process of preparing a polymer-bitumen binder, to ensure the optimal temperature regime for the preparation of a binder and to increase the efficiency of the injected polymer. In the production of rubber and rubber products, the use of mineral oil can increase resistance to high temperatures. It can be used as a substitute for industrial oils, PN-6 softener oil, etc.

Supply form

170 kg barrel
170 kg barrel / IBC / Bulk

Typical physicochemical properties of plasticizing oil

Parameter name Characteristics
Density at 20 °С, g/cm3 0,87-0,90
Flash point, in open crucible, °С, not less than 190

ECO-2 mineral oil (plasticizing oil) is produced under TS BY 690656219.0182016.

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