Every year the world consumes nearly 50 million tons of motor oils. It is regrettable, but only a small part of the waste oil is subjected to proper disposal, the rest is discharged into waterways, drains, soil, sprayed into the atmosphere, burned. This is a huge environmental problem relating to all of us.

Waste oil poses a great threat to human health after getting into the environment. Dirt trapped in the soil can be stored there for centuries, gradually seeping into surface water and groundwater. The contamination centers constantly poison nature that affects our health. 1 liter of waste motor oil, poured into the soil, unfits 100-1000 tons of groundwater. Environmentalists estimated that more than 40% of world’s water surface is covered with a layer of waste automotive and industrial oils.

The combustion of waste oil releases into atmosphere huge amounts of harmful carcinogens. Air pollution is not just a threat to human health in general, but is the main cause of cancer.

In order to ensure the safe management of waste oils and their better utilization for the legal space of the European Union Council Directive 87/101/EWG at the disposal of waste oils has been put into effect on December 22nd, 1986.

Recycling of waste oils remains one of the priorities of the EU waste management for the following reasons:

Recycled waste oil is a valuable resource for Europe.

Support of the Europe’s industrial leadership.

Environmental protection of the Europe.

Contribution to Europe's competitiveness.

Recycling of waste oil is a "clean, reasonable and competitive" thing.

Based on the experience of the European Union, Belarus agreed on the need to establish a centralized republican collection and recycling of waste oils system. That’s why on September 6th, 2012 between the "Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection" of the Republic of Belarus, MDD BEL LTD and LLC "DVCH Management" was signed an investment agreement, according to which the main activity of the company is to create a centralized republican collection and recycling of waste oils, chemicals, fats system on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

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Map of Oil collecting points

The waste oil or other petroleum products can be handed over at any point of collection.

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