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"MDD-BEL" is an investment company with years of experience in the management and implementation of advanced technologies in the petrochemical industry.

MDD company is formed by two groups of companies (B.M. HoldingGroup and DganiGroup), which, since 1970 to the present time, work in the petroleum industry. Now the companies have joined forces to establish the economic activity in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe: Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland.

On September 10th, 2012 an agreement "On the realization of the investment project to create a centralized collection and use of waste oils system in Belarus" was signed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, MDD BEL LTD and IOOO "DVCH - Management".

The project aims to collection and management of waste oils, their involvement in economic turnover, and the prevention and minimization of negative impact on the environment.

The project supposes the creation of production and technical complex with capacity of at least 20,000 (twenty thousand) tons per year for the collection, storage and recycling of waste oils in order to release products (vacuum gas oil, group 1 base oil, group 2 base oil) for sale to consumers.

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IOOO "DVCH Management" created the tank battery and prepared the area for storage (collection) of waste oils; works on creation of production capacity for their recycling are performed.

Since December 2012 waste oils have been received from the economic entities and the accumulated for their use.

"MDD-BEL" implements two projects through its subsidiaries In the Republic of Belarus:

"DVCH-TECH": modernization and management of departmental refueling complexes

"DVCH Management": the creation of a centralized republican system of collection and recycling of waste oils, chemicals, fats.

"DVCH-ECO" collection and transportation of waste oils to the recycling object in Krupki town.


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Map of Oil collecting points

The waste oil or other petroleum products can be handed over at any point of collection.

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